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Locally grown in Colorado, InColor is the preferred brand for plants at large retail stores such as Costco, Home Depot and Safeway throughout Colorado and the surrounding region. We grow the perfect plants and flowers for your landscape and garden!

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About Us

InColor is a premier brand produced by Tagawa Greenhouse in Brighton, Colorado. With over 2 million square feet of greenhouse space, Tagawa is one of the largest annual bedding plant suppliers in North America.

Each year, our InColor specialists choose the best genetics, colors and styles to create designs that make your landscape and garden sing!


We grow premium plants for Spring, Fall and the Holidays. Our specialty is growing beautiful combinations in container gardens and hanging baskets you can bring home and enjoy immediately. We also grow flower packs and vegetables to plant directly in your garden or to create your own containers.


Spring Designs

Typically available April through July.

Fall Designs

Fall Designs

Typically available August through October.

Holiday Designs

Holiday Designs

Typically available November through January.

Plant Care

Use our extensive Plant Care Library to grow your knowledge.

Your InColor team is rooted in expertise and eager to help!

Ask Our Experts

Your InColor team is rooted in expertise and eager to help!