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5 Ways To Decorate With Plants This Holiday Season

InColor Plants Dec 23, 2022 12:06:00 PM
5 Ways To Decorate With Plants This Holiday Season

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Looking to add real plants to your holiday decorating? We have some great inspiration for you.

Tis the season to start decorating for the holidays! What better way to enjoy the benefits of plants than by including them in your festive holiday decor? 

Our go-to plant decorating tips are simple and sure to add something special this season.


Decorate your mantle with real poinsettias

1. Decorate your mantle with real poinsettias

The poinsettia plant is a popular holiday plant because of the bright and colorful leaves (bracts). Traditional poinsettias are striking with their deep red hues and can easily add that holiday spirit to your home. In more recent years, poinsettias are available in several other fabulous colors like deep orange, spectacular pink and vibrant white. Try arranging several along your mantle or hearth for a simple cozy holiday feel.


Utilize fresh garland and wreathes

2. Utilize fresh garland and wreathes

Nothing beats the fragrance of that perfect seasonal pine scent you get with fresh garland and wreathes. Wrap a strand around your banister or mantle, or even use them in your kitchen! Try hanging a fresh wreath on a door in a room you spend most of your time. Breathe deep and enjoy that cheerful aroma!

Local garden centers typically care fresh garlands and wreathes mid-November-December. 


Decorate your potted houseplants

3. Decorate your potted houseplants

If you are like us, you likely have a houseplant or two sitting around your home right now. Use ribbons, wrapping paper or cloth, decorative picks, ornaments and even some lights to give a festive boost to your house plants. It’s a simple trick that will instantly help your plants match the rest of your festive home. 


Utilize a poinsettia centerpiece

4. Use an InColor poinsettia centerpiece!

Our poinsettia centerpieces come in a variety of different designs utilizing beautiful poinsettias paired with combinations of fragrant yellow cypress, festive winter berries, frosty ferns and ivy.

Beautiful indoor plants paired with bright and merry centerpiece bowls create instant decor for end tables, coffee tables or even the focal point on a dinning table display. These are easy to care for and will last long past the holiday season. 


Use an InColor Holiday Greens Planter

5. Use an InColor Holiday Greens Planter!

Fresh greenery planters require very little maintenance, making them the perfect outdoor decor for your home throughout winter. These have overflowing arrangements of fresh pine and noble fir. Decorative accents like frosted pine cones, berries, birch poles and branches give this Holiday Greens Planter a fragrant and festive touch.

Simply set out on your front porch for a holiday look that will have your neighbors envious. Typically available in November at Costco!

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