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14 Cool Season Vegetables For Your Colorado Garden

InColor Plants Dec 29, 2022 3:10:53 PM
14 Cool Season Vegetables For Your Colorado Garden

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Growing your own vegetables is one of the most rewarding aspects of gardening. You can start planting your vegetable garden in March or 2-4 weeks before the last frost of the season. The cool season planting period goes from March to the middle of May in Colorado.

When considering what types of cool season vegetables to plant in your Colorado garden, it's important to look for varieties that have adapted to Colorado’s climate. This round up of cool season vegetables are hardy, can tolerate a light frost and some can even survive a hard freeze.

There are two types of cool season vegetables: annuals and perennials. 

Annual cool season vegetables: Most cool season vegetables are annuals and only grown for one season.

Cool season vegetables carrots

1. Carrots


Cool season vegetables lettuce

2. Lettuce


Cool season vegetables spinach

3. Spinach


Cool season vegetables peas

4. Peas


Cool season vegetables radishes

5. Radishes


Cool season vegetables broccoli

6. Broccoli


Cool season vegetables cabbage

7. Cabbage


Cool season vegetables onions

8. Onions


Cool season vegetables turnips

9. Turnips


Perennial cool season vegetables: These cool season vegetables are perennials, or types that will live to from growing season to the next. Once established and properly cared for, these vegetables can produce in your garden for several years.

Cool season vegetables asparagus

10. Asparagus


Cool season vegetables chives

11. Chives


Cool season vegetables horseradish

12. Horseradish


Cool season vegetables rhubarb

13. Rhubarb


Cool season vegetables shallots

14. Shallots

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