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What Vegetables Should I Plant In A Raised Garden Bed In Colorado?

InColor Plants Jan 2, 2023 12:52:55 PM
What Vegetables Should I Plant In A Raised Garden Bed In Colorado?

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A raised garden bed is a wonderful option for growing vegetables in Colorado. They're perfect for small yards or apartment patios with no yard at all. But even if you have all the space you need, raised garden beds provide an optimal environment for growing delicious and healthy vegetables. One of the main reasons is because you can adjust the soil to your exact needs instead of tilling up the ground. You won’t have to worry about the soil being compacted from stepping on it or dealing with unseen rocks that can prohibit root growth. Your growing season is usually longer because the soil warms up faster as well.

All these benefits aside, raised garden beds just look spectacular. They can act as modern landscaping along with providing your family healthy food.

If you’re not inclined to build your own, consider purchasing a pre-made raised garden kit from a garden center like Tagawa Gardens. You can also get creative and repurpose large containers that will standout such as an old wheelbarrow or horse water trough.

So, what are the best vegetables to grow in a raised garden bed in Colorado? With such an optimal growing environment, you can grow almost anything that does well in our Planting Zones of 4-6. But there are some vegetables that are easier and do much better than others. 


Raised garden root vegetables

1. Root vegetables

Root vegetables like carrots, radishes and beets thrive in the non-compacted soil and rock-free environment you’ve created for them. They’re able to spread out and establish deep roots for amazing growth.


Raised garden onions

2. Onions

Onions are a fantastic option. Grown from seed, onions can need over 100 days to mature so it’s important to get these started as early as possible depending on where you live in Colorado. Because the soil in your raised garden bed warms faster than the ground does, you can typically start them earlier in the season.


Raised garden tomatoes

3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes love nutrient-dense soil and you can customize their environment with extra compost in your raised bed. Tomatoes are deep rooters so make sure to have around 2’ of healthy composted soil to help them stand up strong in your cages.

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Raised garden potatoes

4. Potatoes

Potatoes thrive in loose and well-drained soil which your raised garden bed provides. The loose soil also helps them spread out and keep from rotting. Potatoes love hilling soil and your raised bed allows you to control the hills and adjust as they grow.


Raised garden leafy greens

5. Leafy greens

Leafy greens like spinach, kale and lettuce are wonderful cool season options that can be planted early and should yield multiple harvests before the heat of summer. These crops suffer with soggy roots and your raised garden bed offers them soil that drains quickly and keeps them healthy. 

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